Super Duper Siteground Webhosting Review!

why I chose siteground web hosting"Has Your Online Business Website Been Slowed Down By Slow Hosting, Downtime, & Lack Of Support?"

Should you accept it?

  • Server down for no reason!
  • Support just giving you ridiculous answers
  • The only "fix" is to UPGRADE to a "new" hosting plan
  • Constantly getting malware hacks

Let's face it... the list can go on and on!

Most of you...

...just want to run your business and not become a geeky techy server nerd...

you just want stuff to work!

You don't want to worry about plugin conflicts, updates, etc...

  • In fact you might not even know what they heck you need in a webhost!

If that is the case I highly suggest you read my "SUPER IN-DEPTH" article on How To Choose A Webhost.

  • I go into pretty much every possibility of what you need and what to look for.

After you read it you will see why Siteground fits into pretty much anything you can need from shared hosting to dedicated hosting.

With that said... here we go... My Review...


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Hey! Mr. Whack A Host here with my completely honest, down to earth REAL review of SITEGROUND web hosting!

I say real because unlike 90% of other hosting reviews out there I actually use Siteground and login to my accounts daily! Click on the image to see some of my aged accounts.

  • I don't have pretty  STAR ratings
  • I don't have ridiculous charts that people make up on the fly because they just want to get an affiliate commission.
  • This is what I use day in day out.. this is what this site is hosted on! NUFF SAID!
Start UpGrowBigGoGeek
Cloud HostReseller PlanSiteGround Support

=>In fact I have been using Siteground since 2014 <=

After having a few issues with Hostgator "who I still use and have 1 account with..." I decided to give Siteground a chance!

  • As I write this 10/24/2017 I currently have 6 different plans of my own and have 5 clients on their own plans.

Why So Many?

  • I have my reasons and I will try to break them down as I go!

If you have been dealing with web hosts that lack support and are impossible to use then you have come to the right place!

Top 5 Things I Love About SiteGround Hosting

  1. Super Fast Support - You can get someone on chat or on the phone within a few minutes and tickets are usually answered within 10-15 minutes
  2. FREE SSL - They use Lets Encrypt which is available to anyone, but they have it set up in CPANEL so you can literally install SSL to your site in like.... 90 seconds! For Real! Why are you paying for SSL????
  3. Built In Cache System - They have their own Cache system which is pretty awesome. The "GEEKY Supercacher"
  4. Malware/Virus Scans - They make it real easy to keep your sites safe and protected. They offer FREE scans and a daily scan service for a nominal fee which is well worth it... like $19 a year!
  5. Awesome Dashboard - They have a super clean dashboard. I know that seems silly, but it makes looking at your accts as a whole very easy and they make it super easy to add on services, get help, pay bills etc... This goes a long way.


Choosing Your Web Hosting Plan

LIKE A BOSSWhat's the IMPACT of "THE PLAN"  you choose?

AGAIN... if you are trying to figure out what you need the READ MY 3,000+ Word POST ON CHOOSING A WEB HOST! =>CLICK HERE<=

Figuring out your needs now is going to save you time & money down the road so check out that post!

SiteGround offers a variety of plans and I will go through each one I have used.

I will cover:

  • StartUp: Good for "One Website"
  • GrowBig: Good for "Multiple Websites"
  • GoGeek: Good for "Multiple Websites"
  • Cloud Hosting: Good for "Multiple Websites"
  • Re seller Hosting: Good for "Multiple Websites"

One Thing To Know About Pricing....& Sign Up!

Most hosts are always going to show you the cheapest price, but that price is usually going to be if you pay for a "FULL YEAR". Just little FYI for ya!

Same with SiteGround:

When signing up you will have options so just be aware.

  • Cheaper to sign up for a year
  • Set Up Fee If You Go Month To Month
  • SG Site Scanner: Checks daily for hacks/malware! "Highly Recommend" Only $19 a year
  • You Can Choose Server Location

You can always upgrade to a new plan and add services later on the fly which is really really nice!

Also Note:

All these plans come with CPANEL.... Cloud Hosting & Dedicated come with WHM, but the Cloud Plans will limit what you can access VIA WHM




This is my Start Up hosting plan with SiteGround. I am not gonna repeat the same boring info you can see on the website. Click Here to see current prices & deals... usually $3.95 a month.

Who Is It For & How I Use This Plan

If you have 1 website that is going to use 10gb of space and may avg around 10,000 visitors a month "which is pretty awesome if you are starting out" then this will work for you.

  • I grabbed this to keep a specific site separate from everything....think P-B-N 😉 In fact if you are looking for a solid PBN host then the start up plan is pretty darn awesome!
  • If you think you are ever going to be adding another site then I would move to the GrowBig or GoGeek plan.
  • The only thing with this plan is you don't get the SG Super Cache or what they call Priority Tech Support, but I have never had issues getting support quickly.
  • To be honest I would really only use this host for a pbn... maybe not even since the price difference in the better plans is so low it is better to just go with them.

Most people I refer to SiteGround usually end up getting either of these packages.

gogeek-plan grow-big-siteground-hostYou can see I have had these for over 3 years now.

On the GrowBig account I have 5 websites being hosted & on the GoGeek I have 10 sites being hosted.

Most of the sites get decent traffic, but nowhere near what SiteGround says they can handle.

For the GrowBig hosting they say it is suitable for around 25,000 monthly visits & for GoGeek around 100,000 monthly visits.

A few things to note:

  • GrowBig offers 20GB Web Space
  • GoGeek offers 30GB Web Space
  • These plans do offer more resources and less websites in the shared space versus the StartUp Plan

Deciding Factors With These Plans

For most small businesses and blogs these 2 hosting plans should be fine!

The issues I run into when I bring a client over or sometimes recommend is web space issues.

Again you get 20GB with GrowBig & 30GB with GoGeek.

This is usually plenty of space, but if you are looking to bring over a handful of sites that space can get eaten up real quick.

Also now a days people have a lot of high res images on their sites and just years of content that has added to the space usage.

Sometimes you just need to go over your site and clean up some old files etc...

Again Hear Me:

  • These plans are pretty powerful and priced very reasonably!
  • 75% of people I deal with have no issues with these plans.

If you are going to need more space, more resources, & expect some big spikes in traffic then you are going to want to look into the SiteGround Cloud Hosting solution which is my favorite by far!

cloud-hosting-sitegroundCloud Hosting with Siteground is pretty awesome!

Think of it like this:

  • It is not a "shared" plan nor a "dedicated" plan

It is a kind of pick what you need plan that is your own little private slice of server on a really big powerful redundant server that only you are using!

Above I mentioned how the GrowBig & GoGeek plans will work for 75% of people, but if you are looking for more space, more power, and scalable power then the Cloud Host is what you need.

Quick Example

I recently just helped a friend move his site over from 2 DEDICATED servers. One was running the files & the other the database. He was spending $450 a month for both of them!

Crazy right....

We could have most likely gotten away with tossing it on a GoGeek plan, but the biggest issue there was he had 100GB in files.

The other issue was... there was not much room to grow with the GoGeek so we ended up tweaking a Cloud Host with the specs you can see below.

$200 a month vs $450 a month and the site is SUPERFAST!


Configuring Your Cloud Server

They do have some pre-made plans you can choose from or you can create your own:

  • 2 - 16 CPU Cores
  • 4GB -16GB Memory
  • 40GB - 200GB SSD Hard Drive Space

Of course the more resources... the more money, but the great thing is if you configure a plan you can literally go in and increase the specs on the fly and double your server power in minutes!

Auto Scale Rules!

  • They call it Auto Scalable Resources:


So let's say one of your posts or images or whatever on your site goes viral and now you have 100's of people hitting your website!

This is where Siteground's Auto Scale comes into play. As you can see in the image the USAGE is set to 90%... you can set that to:

  • 50%
  • 70%
  • 90%

So if your server is getting a spike in traffic and the CPU or Memory reaches the USAGE you set up for a certain amount of time... "I forget off top of my head" it will auto scale to another CPU core or Memory.


  • You can see I have this set to off...
  • When your server autoscales you get that resource for one calendar month. If you set it to auto renew you will continue to have the extra resource included.

You will always want to check your resource usage during the month and see if it is time to either add a few more cores or memory or even lower it depending on your needs.

How Do I Use This Plan?

Currently I have one of my biggest websites running on this cloud.

I have 11 websites in total. A few client sites and the rest my own.

I have my bigger money sites hosted here because I know I can take advantage of the auto scale features and the fact that I can increase my resources within minutes.

What This Plan Is Not?


You will get WHM with this plan and each account will get its' own CPANEL however the WHM is very limited and you do not get FULL ACCESS to all your servers features.

You Won't Get WHM Features Like:

  • No Tweak Setttings
  • No Copying Sites Over From Other WHM Servers
  • Backup Features
  • Firewall Features

Now don't be afraid... you have backups, firewalls, safety all that stuff and if you do need something more specific support is more than happy to help.

They just don't give you a full WHM experience like with a dedicated server.

Siteground does offer dedicated servers and I am sure they are great, but it is one thing I have not yet had to use. Maybe in the future!

Click Here to check out their dedicated server options.





O.K. So what is Reseller hosting and how is it different?

If you were looking to sell hosting to other people then you would want to look into this.

I have an account that uses 5 credits.

They allow you to buy credits.

1 credit = 1 year of hosting

The more credits you buy the cheaper they are.

What Comes In The Plan?

Again you can CLICK HERE to see every single specific detail of what is offered, but the basics are:

  • 10 GB Space
  • Suitable for around 10,000 visits a month
  • Un-metered bandwidth
  • & much, much more...

Why Do I Use A Re-seller Account If I Have The Other Ones?

To be honest you could set up a Cloud acct or even a Dedicated to do the same thing, but at the time I had a few clients who needed hosting.

The biggest thing with the reseller account was just being able to keep everything separate from each other.

They are essentially their own hosting accounts within the one reseller account.

Easier to manage, bill etc... and they offer a lot.

One client I have is a small rescue squad and they have about 30 email accounts set up and have not had any issues!

If you are interested you can CLICK HERE to go and check out the reseller plan.

With any web hosting company you have to remember one thing about SUPPORT! You will usually get basic support at first!

I don't care what host... unless you are paying for full managed and you have a direct number.

The reality is most problems are going to be very basic anyway.

#1 Rule of Web Hosting Support!

  1. Can You Get Someone On The Phone!!??

If you cannot then run from that web host! I don't care what host you have... something is gonna go wrong and when it does you need to know you can call someone!

Granted... most of the time you call you are getting the basic support, but you can at least voice the urgency and get your ticket escalated.

How Does Support Work at SiteGround?


Click For Larger Image

It works well!

You can see in the image the options you are offered in your dashboard.

There are a handful of options.

  1. Search the knowledge base
  2. Put in a ticket to a specific department
  3. Get on live chat
  4. Make a phone call

What Do I Do?

I would say 95% of the time I just hit up the live chat. I would also say that 95% of the time they are helpful.

Now you see I like to break things... mess with stuff etc... so I can sometimes stump them.

Normally you will tell them your issue and they will take a few minutes to look over your account and fix it.

If they cannot then they will usually put in a ticket that will go to higher tier support and you will usually get a response within 10-15 minutes.

Be Patient:

You really have to be patient with any support team! They are only so fast and for the most part they deal with the same issues so they can address your issue fast, but if it is a strange issue then I think giving 20-30 minutes to look over your account and figure things out is reasonable.

Siteground Support Bottom Line

Listen you are dealing with human beings...

Don't be a jerk...

Explain your issue with as many details as possible.

Give them time to look over your account/plan and figure it out!

Sometimes it can be something you did or software or a plugin or something that is out of Sitegrounds control and you have to accept that.

I have only had 1 really bad experience with their support and I would say it was a 50/50 thing. There was some bad code on my one site, but at that time I felt support should have worked with me more on it, but again their job is not to fix bad code.

How about you? Have you dealt with Siteground support?

Hey... remember how I talked about this being a REAL DEAL review?

Well I meant it... so if you are here looking for SiteGround discounts or coupons I am here to tell you there "technically" aren't any.

You are going to see on other says 60%, 70%, 90% off etc....

In reality they are just reflections of the current pricing structure Site Ground has.

However they do have some awesome sales & I will try and list them here!

Also if you do purchase your hosting via my links, just hit me up via the contact form and let me know. I would be glad to help get you set up and going in anyway I can!