I was trying to think of some ways to get some traffic to PBN sites with easy to rank keywords. We know if you have a PBN site that gets real traffic it is much better for the links you are placing on those sites.

So I have used SEMRUSH for years… I was wondering if they had a way to filter out keywords by volume, difficulty etc.. which they do, but you have to input the actual keywords.

I wanted to find some hidden gems… stuff I would not think of, but that have traffic and are easier to rank for, but also relevant.

As I started doing this I realized this is a great way to figure out some new products to review or even start selling in shopify or an amazon store….

If you don’t have SEMRUSH then CLICK HERE…. they have a 7 Day FREE Trial. You know how much data you can get in 7 days… or just a day!

Watch The Video Below!

Be sure to select the best HD option in the video below to see all the keyword details.

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