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An Easy To Understand & Follow SEMRUSH Review

You have probably researched and maybe even used many, many keyword tools before you found this page!

You might have even ran into most of the common problems with them:

  • Too hard to understand...
  • Not enough data...
  • Horrible interface
  • You just don't know enough to make sense of it all

Trust me I have been there... done that & believe me you can feel ALL OF THE ABOVE when you start out using SEMRUSH as well.

I have used SEM-RUSH on a daily basis and have still yet to tap into all of its features! I probably never will,

but it does not matter because it has everything I need all in one place!

My Goal?

  • Show you how I use this tool in an easy to follow way
  • Show you tips & tricks I picked up along the way
  • Most importantly save you time!

Below you will see I break down each section by task when I use SEMRUSH. This is sort of a living breathing type of review so I will update and tweak as I go. If you have questions or tips please leave them in the comments section.

Rather than typing a ton I really try to put it all in the videos so when you are ready to watch, go grab a cup of coffee and get ready to learn!

Click Below For Specific Tutorial Sections:

  • SEMRUSH Competitor Research
  • SEMRUSH Rank Tracking
  • SEMRUSH Keyword Research
  • Finding Easy To Rank Keywords



Watch Video

Be sure to select the best HD option in the video below to see all the keyword details.

I was trying to think of some ways to get some traffic to PBN sites with easy to rank keywords. We know if you have a PBN site that gets real traffic it is much better for the links you are placing on those sites.

So I have used SEMRUSH for years... I was wondering if they had a way to filter out keywords by volume, difficulty etc.. which they do, but you have to input the actual keywords.

I wanted to find some hidden gems... stuff I would not think of, but that have traffic and are easier to rank for, but also relevant.

As I started doing this I realized this is a great way to figure out some new products to review or even start selling in shopify or an amazon store....

If you don't have SEMRUSH then CLICK HERE.... they have a 7 Day FREE Trial. You know how much data you can get in 7 days... or just a day!

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