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Review Of The Local Marketing Vault

Local Marketing Group Video

Yup That’s Me Winning The Contest!

Hey what’s up!? Well if you have been on the blog for awhile then you know I run a good amount of websites! Client sites, affiliate sites etc….

Today I wanted to put a quick review of the Local Marketing Vault which was created by James Bonadies & Jason McKim! Two awesome guys who I had the pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago in San Antonio, TX at the very first LMV live event! Pretty awesome and I am still digesting what I learned and making moves to grow my business 10X in this next year!

First things first… You can read a super in-depth review of the Local Marketing Vault on my FitDadChris site here I decided to create a full review there because I have a lot of dads that visit my site that are always asking me about how to make side money on the internet! Well this is the way to do it! So go check that out for a more in depth review and watch the video on this page of me winning the Client Getting contest and collecting my prize at the LMV live event.

So like I said go to my fitness site to read the full review, but here I wanted to touch on a few things I have been getting asked the most about “The Vault”!

Who Are Jason & James From The Local Marketing Vault?

  • That is a good question and to be honest from what I have learned about them it could take a long time to write it all out!
  • In short… I got to actually meet them a few weeks ago at the conference. I went out to dinner with them, had some drinks and as you would expect they are super awesome guys!
  • Not only that, they are all about helping people succeed! Seriously!
  • They know their stuff! Jason is a magician when it comes to all things Facebook, Google adwords, and building funnels! When you jump on a weekly live Q&A call you will see why!
  • James is the same way! He has been doing internet marketing for a long time and it shows.
  • They best thing about them is the support you get! You will get tons of support, in fact Jason will usually answer peoples questions via facebook in a video and he has answered my personal PM’s with in depth video explanations!

In short when they talk we listen! The campaigns they have put together in the vault are priceless! Sign up, follow them, collect money from clients! Simple as that!

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Is The Local Marketing Vault A Scam?

  • What do you think? I get it, I get it. I pretty much search the same thing when looking into a new group or program and trust me I have bought my share of scams! LOL!
  • This my friend is not a scam at all! Just look at the image of the facebook group! 1,745MEMBERS! that all paid to get into this group! Not a scam my friend… not a scam!

Great So How Much Does The Local Marketing Vault Cost?

  • Cost can vary depending on a few things…
  • As case studies increase, student testimonials, etc… like any course the price will increase.
  • All I can tell you is how I paid which was via credit card and monthly payments. If I had paid in full I could have saved some money, but I was nervous and went with the monthly route. Hindsight I would have just paid in full… same money sitting on my credit card either way LOL!!
  • The reason the price ranges is for a few reasons
    • Special promotions that might be going on
    • Scholarships are sometimes offered
    • How you want to pay… monthly, full, first born child…that sort of stuff 😉

In Conclusion

Like I said if you want to read a more thorough review check out where I go into things a bit more and be sure to watch the video above or on youtube here

I have been doing internet marketing since 2006 and had my ups and downs for sure! I was chasing the old ways of doing things and joining the vault has opened my eyes to new ways and I am not stopping anytime soon! I am on track to hit 10k a month in the next 45 days and from there….. sky is the limit!

Please ask any questions below! Thanks!



  1. Stacey on March 15, 2018 at 6:33 pm

    How long does it really take before you can start making some money? thanks

    • Mr.Whack-A-Host on March 15, 2018 at 6:35 pm

      Hey Stacey that is one of those questions that all depends. I mean honestly.. with what I know now if you came to me and said you have a dentist that needs help I could literally have them getting leads in 1-2 days and you could get paid! …but once you sign up you are going to want to just block out a few days or a few hours a day and get right into the videos and “TRUST THE PROCESS”

      It really is all laid out for you, you just need to watch the videos and listen to what Jason and James say. It really is that easy! Of course I am always here for you and the people in the FB group.. which is awesome by the way! Hope that helps!

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