printer says offlineI don’t know how many times over the years I have seen this on many a computer networks! In fact if you if you google “printer says offline” here let me google that for you 😉 you will see there are ton of results from people asking the same question. Not a lot of answers though!

Printer Says Offline – SOLVED! “IP Conflict!”

  • There are 2 ways to look at this… from typical home users situation and from a Network Administrator point of view.
    • Network AdminThis Solved It For Me!
      • Typical fixes would say…. first turn off the printer and turn it on… then if that doesn’t work, go to printer properties and check that Printer Offline is not checked…. Hey if it works great! Simple fix!
      • Next typical fix would be check the driver… how old is it? See if windows can find a new one… if not you might need to go to the manufacturer website and find the correct one.
      • MY Solution: It came down to an ip conflict. It makes total sense now and I am sure over the years I spent way too much time trouble shooting when it was probably this exact issue.
        • The issue I faced today was a printer that had not be used “was powered off” for almost 6 months. It got its original ip address via DHCP… kind of dumb I know. Anyways so while it was taking a 6 month nap, its’ ip address decided to travel. It was actually assigned to a mobile device, so I had to go into DHCP and delete it, then create an exclusion range for the printer ip. Now a days with everyone wanting to be on the network with their phones, tablets, etc… those ip addresses get gobbled up pretty fast!
        • So moral of this story is if you are using network printers give them a static ip address, and if you see your printer offline keep the ip conflict in mind. It could save you a ton of time!
    • Home UserUsually Works
      • The average home user really has no clue and that is OK they don’t need to for the most part, but sometimes when it is time to print those invitations or thank you cards for the next bday party the printer does not want to cooperate!
        • Standard fixes…. go buy a new printer! Just Kidding….
          1. Make sure if it is connect via USB it is connected. Dang kids unplug stuff all the time! If it is then step 2…
          2. Turn off the printer
          3. Turn on the computer and let it boot up
          4. Turn on the printer
          5. See if it is online…. if it is great… go waste some ink and get ripped off on refills…. if it is not then step 6…
          6. Check your printer drive…”here let me Google that for you…”
          7. Download it install it etc….. hopefully that fixes it… if it doesn’t… then your screwed.
          8. Call your IT cousin, or your sisters boyfriend who is good with computers, you could even call Geek Squad to come rip you off for the price it would cost to buy 3 new printers.

Anyways I hope the next time your printer says offline this helps you out or at least points you in the right direction. If you have solved this offline printer issue before and can offer some advice please leave it in the comment section below! Every bit helps! Nothing worse than searching for a fix and not finding what you are looking for!

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