So a few weeks ago I did a post on how to fix insecure warnings after you installed SSL and made your site https!

Well today as I looking over an old site of mine I want to start getting moving again I noticed I was running SSL, but it was not secure!

So…. time for a learning lesson.

O.K. not the biggest learning lesson, but a lesson nonetheless and in the end a simple fix that I guess I missed at one point or another!

So watch the video and you can see what happens. I put some more details below!

So as you can see this was from a simple miss on my part! I have noticed in the past that the SG Optimizer did not fix all lingering SSL issues and I choose to use Really Simple SSL plugin for that

You can read more about my SiteGround review here

Well I was hoping to walk through a few more things, but again simple fix… and back to doing more important things like working on the case study I want to do with that site!

Stay tuned….

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