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Tell Google To Go Fetch Themselves!

Have you ever used Google Fetch? Have you ever created a post and wondered why it was not getting indexed? Or you revamped a page and want Google to re-index it and gather up all that new awesome content you provided? Well depending on your sites popularity and traffic it might take awhile. …. that…

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You won’t believe Google’s new #1 ranking factor

….and dude if you have something to say leave a comment below! I’m an open book and want to help each other out! What is your take? Whats working for you….. OK…. now then… You won’t believe it… or will you?? So what do you think the biggest ranking factor in Google is??? BACK LINKS!?!…

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30 Leads In 30 Minutes

You can literally hear my email notifications coming in with leads as I make the video LOL! Hey what is up!? Mr. Whackahost here with some more outside the box thinking. I made the video on the fly… within 5 minutes of doing my test… so sorry for any hiccups or parts I needed to…

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