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Avon Products Inc, or more widely known as just Avon, was founded by David H. McConell. It has successfully managed to become a power house and one of the leading MLM companies globally.

It happens to be the fifth largest beauty enterprise, with around 6.4 million representatives. After Amway, it has been declared the second largest direct-selling company worldwide.

The multi-level marketing company deals directly in selling beauty, household and personal care items. After distributing ad marketing for over 125 years, the company has managed to spread its roots to over a hundred countries, making around 5-11 billion on a yearly basis.

The recent facts and figures of their sales were impressive as they made a whopping $5.7 billion worldwide in 2016. Among recent activities, it appointed Jan Zijderveld as the CEO in February, 2018.

Their largest market currently resides in Brazil, after it passed the United States in 2010. They infiltrated the Chinese market in 1990, but as direct selling became illegal in the country, they decided to sell their products through physical stores called Beauty Boutiques.

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Fortunately for them, the ban was lifted in around mid-2000s, and they started direct-marketing once more. Alongside their success, the California Perfume Company, Inc, of New York trusted Avon and filed their first trademark application in 1932 with the USPTO.

The USPTO includes perfumes, toilet waters, powder, lipsticks and rouge compacts in their agreement and description. The first ever commercial use for Avon by the California Perfume Company took place in September, 1929 after the registration was granted on August 30, 1932.

Avon deals with a wide range of products including skincare, fragrance, fashion, home improvement and obviously, cosmetics. Its’ no surprise that one in three women living in the UK own at least one of Avon’s products.

You would also be surprised to know that they deal with women’s lingerie along with some glamorous accessories. As they are more widely known for their cosmetics line, let’s focus on some of the goodies they offer to their consumers.

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The wonderful thing about Avon is, that they focus on pleasing their consumer more than they care about their sales. That could be a leading reason as to why they are so successful, as their work ethic is directly related to integrity and quality assurance.

Many MLM companies like to add markup to raise their prices, but Avon has not been one to follow the crowd. What sets them apart is that they have a wide range of products for reasonable, even cheap rates.

Some of their products are actually cheaper than most in the stores, even less compared to drug store brand products.

The makeup must haves such as eyeliner, mascara and lipstick, can be found available at cheap rates like £4-£10, even as low as £2, which has made Avon’s sales skyrocket.

Although it is still less popular when up against battle with its competitors, NARS, Urban Decay and MAC, it does prove itself successful as not everyone can afford the latter brands.

It has a reputation of its products being liked by the general public as it does not fail to fall behind on trends and stays up to date. The company has its mind in the right place as it has managed to contribute to great causes such as breast cancer and domestic abuse prevention campaigns.

They managed t raise around $800 million towards the cause, to help women become independent physically and financially.

Like every company, products targeted towards skincare are generally always more costly. They fall in between the range of £20-£30.

Although it sounds like too much, the products have proven themselves worth the cost, as Marie Claire said their skincare items are “the perfect solution for every skin problem you’ve ever had.”

It just gets better, as Avon has reportedly had no side effects whatsoever with their products.

The company comes with a terrific compensation plan for its affiliates. Avon deals with their consumers with both door-to-door salespeople, who are mostly women called “Avon ladies” or they advertise their products through brochures.

Avon has training centers that operate to train potential “Avon ladies”, and these centers include small retail sections with skin care products such as serums, makeup, cleansers, creams etc.

This helps to make the recruiters become pros at selling Avon products such as jewelry, accessories, clothing and evidently their cosmetic line.

For affiliates who wish to join and become financially independent are initially required to sign on as an Avon Sales Representative at $10. They are also required to pay any startup cost which fortunately is not a lot.

By becoming a rep, you can actually earn additional income on retailing products. What’s great is that you actually survive on your own, without actually acquiring a team.

The commission rates are pretty generous, starting from 20% and going up to 50% after you have reached a specific rank based on the amount of sales you’ve made, and the products you decide to sell.

You can however, sponsor a team and increase your chances of earning more as the amount from the sales is not that high.

There is a higher earning potential for income, along with receiving benefits like a company car or even a vacation.

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