That is me and the family! The reason I do all the work I do!

Just a regular everyday normal guy… watch video below for a laugh!

For real though my name is Chris, husband and father of 3…”soon to be 4″” aghhhh…. and I have been playing with servers since 2003 and that is how I came up with I was just tired of dealing with servers and wanted to smash them LOL! When I started getting into internet marketing and web hosting in 2006 that is when I really had a lot to learn!

Hosting a website back then was so different ! I remember having to have a dedicated server costing me $500 a month to run one of my busier sites! That site is now hosted on a $69 a month Godaddy Pro Managed WordPress host! Yes times have a changed!

Here at WhackAHost I like to do reviews on hosting services I have used so you can get real insight on how they really work! I only do reviews on products I have used and researched!

In the last few years I have been doing some reviews on other products I use for my internet marketing. I have had a lot of great feedback from my visitors and I am glad it is helping!

If you have any questions use the contact page here: or feel free to hit me up on Facebook: