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Tired of garbage hosting reviews... where they tell you the same crap the hosting company has listed on their website?

Tired of hearing that every hosting company is awesome, so they can push you to the biggest place paying the biggest commission?

I got tired of it too! No REAL answers, all fluff! How many times have you wasted your time/money setting up on a new host only to learn they suck... have no support... or are just reselling for a bigger company? Been there done that!

Here are a few things I can guarantee you on this site:

  • I am only reviewing hosting companies I have used or am using.
  • NO BULL feedback whether good or bad! There is no Hosting Company out there that is all "Rainbows & Butterflies".
  • Full video reviews of how "fill in server company here" function and what you can expect from a backend perspective.
  • Feedback and support to my visitors the best I can.

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why I chose siteground web hosting

SiteGround Reviews

By Mr.Whack-A-Host | November 21, 2017

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Review Of The Local Marketing Vault

March 15, 2018

Local Marketing Group Video  Yup That’s Me Winning The Contest! Hey what’s up!? Well if you have been on the blog for awhile then you know I run a good amount of websites! Client sites, affiliate sites etc…. Today I wanted to put a quick review of the Local Marketing Vault which was created…

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December 13, 2017

OK… so I was creating some new Facebook ad accounts and noticed they had Facebook Coupon as a payment option. So of course I searched online for some codes, but it seems like they are pretty non existent these days. Most sites that had them listed of course do not work. It seems some hosting…

Tell Google To Go Fetch Themselves!

November 7, 2017

Have you ever used Google Fetch? Have you ever created a post and wondered why it was not getting indexed? Or you revamped a page and want Google to re-index it and gather up all that new awesome content you provided? Well depending on your sites popularity and traffic it might take awhile. …. that…

You won’t believe Google’s new #1 ranking factor

November 7, 2017

….and dude if you have something to say leave a comment below! I’m an open book and want to help each other out! What is your take? Whats working for you….. OK…. now then… You won’t believe it… or will you?? So what do you think the biggest ranking factor in Google is??? BACK LINKS!?!…

Steps To Protect Your Brand Name

November 6, 2017

You wake up in the middle of the night… It comes to you when you are drinking your first cup of coffee… On the drive to work… During conversation with a friend… What they heck am I talking about? That next idea… That next business plan or invention! Whatever it is, one thing is certain.…

Cpanel Lets Encrypt Plugin

November 3, 2017

Who stills pays for their SSL certifications? Not this guy! I guess it was about over a year ago when Google starting mentioning how SSL was another factor to consider in website ranking etc… <<< if you click on that link I go into more details about that and it is well worth the read,…

HTTPS SSL And Google Ranking 2017

November 3, 2017

I don’t want to re-invent the wheel here, but we have all heard that have SSL… you know when your site is https and you have that cool PadLock in your URL is  a must for having better trust and ranking with Google right? Well below I am going to link out to a handful…

Fix SSL Insecure Issue With One Click

October 30, 2017

So a few weeks ago I did a post on how to fix insecure warnings after you installed SSL and made your site https! Well today as I looking over an old site of mine I want to start getting moving again I noticed I was running SSL, but it was not secure! So…. time…

SiteGround Web Hosting Black Friday 2017 Deals

October 27, 2017

Scroll To Bottom For Current Deals or >>>CLICK HERE To Save The Most INSTANTLY!<< Who doesn’t love Black Friday & Cyber Monday! If you are in the internet marketing industry then you know there are HUGE savings to be had with almost every tool you use! You will find the best deals of the year…

30 Leads In 30 Minutes

October 18, 2017

You can literally hear my email notifications coming in with leads as I make the video LOL! Hey what is up!? Mr. Whackahost here with some more outside the box thinking. I made the video on the fly… within 5 minutes of doing my test… so sorry for any hiccups or parts I needed to…