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Tired of garbage hosting reviews... where they tell you the same crap the hosting company has listed on their website?

Tired of hearing that every hosting company is awesome, so they can push you to the biggest place paying the biggest commission?

I got tired of it too! No REAL answers, all fluff! How many times have you wasted your time/money setting up on a new host only to learn they suck... have no support... or are just reselling for a bigger company? Been there done that!

Here are a few things I can guarantee you on this site:

  • I am only reviewing hosting companies I have used or am using.
  • NO BULL feedback whether good or bad! There is no Hosting Company out there that is all "Rainbows & Butterflies".
  • Full video reviews of how "fill in server company here" function and what you can expect from a backend perspective.
  • Feedback and support to my visitors the best I can.

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why I chose siteground web hosting

SiteGround Reviews

By Mr.Whack-A-Host | November 21, 2017

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August 21, 2018

I will review Scentsy here which is a fragrance company based in Idaho. The MLM was founded back in 2004 and now has over 100,000 consultants all over the world. They run a big operation which runs solely on direct selling and multi level marketing. Just in 2016, Scentsy declared that their revenue was around…

Pampered Chef

August 21, 2018

Pampered Chef started out in 1980 and it was set up in Doris Christopher’s basement! In 10 short years, the company had already expanded to Canada, the UK and also Germany. And they’re still continuing to grow around the world. In 2002, Pampered Chef was absorbed by Berkshire Hathaway which is a massive conglomerate owned…


August 20, 2018

Amongst the top ranked Multi-Marketing Companies, Nu Skin has managed to make a prominent position amongst the others. It was founded in 1984 by Blake Roney, Nedra Roney, Steve Lund, and Sandie, N. Tillotson who are now accredited and highly rated with the Better Business Bureau. They started developing their brand and products in mid-west…

Mary Kay

August 20, 2018

If you’re in the MLM game, you’ve definitely heard of Mary Kay Cosmetics. This is the 5th largest MLM in the entire world and they’ve been around for over 50 years. They’re also included in the billion dollar club and their annual revenue for 2016 was around $3.5 billion! They’re not small fry and they’re…


August 17, 2018

I’m going to talk about Jeunesse today, which is possible one of the most spread out skincare MLM’s on the market. The whole company became hot stuff after they launched a miraculous skin cream that consumers loved so much, they started buying it like crazy. They have science to back this up! Their products actually…


August 17, 2018

I’m reviewing Herbalife which was started up in Los Angeles in 1980. It was one of the first MLM companies in the world and has now expanded into becoming a massive global operation. They have a stream of affiliates which are placed all around the world. They do market distributor opportunities pretty aggressively and now…

Forever Living

August 17, 2018

Forever Living is a company that has been capitalizing on a miracle ingredient in the beauty and health world. This ingredient is called aloe vera and a lot of products that are super popular now use this ingredient. A lot of consumers haven’t seen much difference in Forever Living products versus their competitors but everyone…

Empower Network

August 17, 2018

FYI: Empower Network is no longer in business… Are you thinking about joining Empower Network? Interesting in making a little money on the side? Empower Network offers mouthwatering deals for guys just like you and me! I mean, when I joined up, David Wood (one of the co-founders) told me all I would have to…


August 17, 2018

Essential oils are a hot-selling product right now and a lot of MLM companies have stepped up to take advantage. I’m reviewing doTERRA today, which is one of these companies selling essential oils for everyone. Why are oils so popular? Well, everyone is using them! Whether you go to a relaxing spa for some quality…

Digital Altitude

August 14, 2018

Digital Altitude is an e-learning and personal development program which focuses on boosting digital business. If you become an affiliate, you get access to a lot of resources from the best minds in the industry even though you will have to pay through the teeth for these. You might have to end up spending around…