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Tired of garbage hosting reviews... where they tell you the same crap the hosting company has listed on their website?

Tired of hearing that every hosting company is awesome, so they can push you to the biggest place paying the biggest commission?

I got tired of it too! No REAL answers, all fluff! How many times have you wasted your time/money setting up on a new host only to learn they suck... have no support... or are just reselling for a bigger company? Been there done that!

Here are a few things I can guarantee you on this site:

  • I am only reviewing hosting companies I have used or am using.
  • NO BULL feedback whether good or bad! There is no Hosting Company out there that is all "Rainbows & Butterflies".
  • Full video reviews of how "fill in server company here" function and what you can expect from a backend perspective.
  • Feedback and support to my visitors the best I can.

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why I chose siteground web hosting

SiteGround Reviews

By Mr.Whack-A-Host | November 21, 2017

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Digital Altitude

August 14, 2018

Digital Altitude is an e-learning and personal development program which focuses on boosting digital business. If you become an affiliate, you get access to a lot of resources from the best minds in the industry even though you will have to pay through the teeth for these. You might have to end up spending around…


August 13, 2018

Beachbody is a strong company with recognizable products such as Insanity and others. The company was founded in 2007 in Santa Monica, California where the ‘Muscle Beach’ is located. The founders of the company set it up famously to end obesity and unhealthy eating habits worldwide. The founders, Karl Daikeler and Jon Congdon have been…


August 13, 2018

Avon Products Inc, or more widely known as just Avon, was founded by David H. McConell. It has successfully managed to become a power house and one of the leading MLM companies globally. It happens to be the fifth largest beauty enterprise, with around 6.4 million representatives. After Amway, it has been declared the second…


August 13, 2018

When it comes to the major MLM companies out there, Arbonnne sure has made its mark. Arbonne International was founded by PetterMorck in 1975 and since then has been thriving. He had been working in a Norwegian skincare company from which he picked up a lot of his knowledge. He put it to use and…


August 13, 2018

Today I am going to review Amway, which is a massive corporation and is very well known all around the world. There have been any number of Amway ladies who sell door to door as well as online sellers who take a more subtle approach. The company was launched in 1959 and was created by…

Ambit Energy

August 13, 2018

Ambit Energy is a massive company that provides services all over the USA. They cater to Maryland, New Jesey, Texas, California, New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois. Their products are energy services and the company was launched in 2006 by two founders, Chris Chambles and Jere Thompson. They provide really reasonable prices for electricity and gas…


August 13, 2018

Today I’m going to talk about Advocare, which is a huge sports and wellness MLM company. It’s easy to get lost in the massive crowd of nutrition-focused MLMs but Advocare has proven to be somewhat successful in their own niche. Advocare sells a highly sought after workout drink called Advocare Spark and consumers have been…

Review Of The Local Marketing Vault

March 15, 2018

Local Marketing Group Video  Yup That’s Me Winning The Contest! Hey what’s up!? Well if you have been on the blog for awhile then you know I run a good amount of websites! Client sites, affiliate sites etc…. Today I wanted to put a quick review of the Local Marketing Vault which was created…

Find Facebook Ad Coupons

December 13, 2017

OK… so I was creating some new Facebook ad accounts and noticed they had Facebook Coupon as a payment option. So of course I searched online for some codes, but it seems like they are pretty non existent these days. Most sites that had them listed of course do not work. It seems some hosting…

Tell Google To Go Fetch Themselves!

November 7, 2017

Have you ever used Google Fetch? Have you ever created a post and wondered why it was not getting indexed? Or you revamped a page and want Google to re-index it and gather up all that new awesome content you provided? Well depending on your sites popularity and traffic it might take awhile. …. that…