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Siteground Review

Hey! Mr. Whack A Host here with my completely honest, down to earth REAL review of SITEGROUND web hosting! I have been using Siteground since March, 2014 so almost 2 full years.  After having a few issues with Hostgator “who I still use and have about 5 accounts with…review to come ;-)” I decided to give Siteground a chance!

  • As I write this 2/1/2016 I currently have 6 different plans with SG which I plan to break down into smaller reviews…

Here are the plans I am currently using and links to those particular reviews. “Review might not be up yet, since I am working my way from this main review.”

Why so many hosts? I will get to that a bit more in each of the plan reviews.

Overview Of Siteground Web Hosting As I Have Used It