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Power and Cooling Infrastructure, IT Equipment, Monitoring and Management: Business Drivers, Market Analysis and Forecasts

The IT industry is responsible for around 2% of the world’s carbon emissions and data centers are the fastest growing part of that footprint. The need to address data center energy efficiency is made more urgent by the rising demand for IT capacity across the world. The expansion of internet services and the rapid growth of IT use in emerging economies continue to drive significant increases in data center capacity. In addition, clean technologies such as smart grids, advanced transportation networks, smart buildings, and the dematerialization of goods and services all depend on IT for their effectiveness in reducing carbon emissions.

In the past, the cost of energy was seldom a concern for IT departments and there was little incentive to invest in energy efficiency improvements. But as data center energy costs become more visible, the financial benefits of moving to a greener mode of operation are being recognized by CEOs, CFOs and CIOs. The data center of the future will be energy efficient; it will also be virtualized, to ensure optimal use of IT resources, space and energy, and it will be more dynamic in its operation, adaptable to new business needs and new technology opportunities.

This Pike Research report examines global green data center trends, and forecasts the size and growth of the market opportunity by region and technology through 2015. The report analyzes new developments in power and cooling infrastructure, server, storage and network technology and software management systems that are underpinning green data centers. The study also profiles the strategies of key players in terms of their market approach, technical innovations, and internal efforts to create energy efficient data centers.

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